P5 Legal

There are two professionals every business ought to have as part of the team: an accountant and a lawyer. The reasons for hiring an accountant or bookkeeper are fairly obvious, you need someone to help you set up your books, review your numbers periodically, and likely prepare necessary tax returns. The reason for hiring a business attorney may not be so apparent. Too many business owners put off hiring a lawyer until they have an issue. Often the problem has "gone legal" before a lawyer is contacted. If you are being sued or are looking to sue, it's too late to solve the problem efficiently and it's now a question of how much you will have to pay (in court costs, attorneys' fees, settlements and other expenses) to get the particular problem resolved.

A good business attorney will provide vital assistance in almost every aspect of your business. Planning and preparation will help avoid many if not most problems, while promptly confronting problems that do arise will allow them to be dealt with efficiently.

Whether you’re starting a business, managing and growing your business or looking to sell the business you’ve built, P5 Legal will be there with you. No project is too small or trivial, and continuous and accessible support allows you to focus on what’s important to you.